Friday, May 30, 2008

The Comsat Angels - Sleep No More

This is another one of those "why the hell wasn't this album huge 25 years ago!" records that I like to rant about. Seriously though, this is some really good stuff. Very dark, brooding, new wave that was unmatched by most bands for the rest of the decade. This is more or less the record that Depeche Mode wishes they could have made after they got all serious and shit. The thing that really sells me on this album is the drums, or more specifically, how well they were recorded. They just sound absolutely monstrous, and it adds a whole new dynamic to the band's sound. I promise you'll be completely hooked on these guys after just one minute of the opening track.

- Steve

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Anonymous said...

One of my favourites - and I lost it last time my HD died. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Thanks, and great blog.