Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gun - S/T

The self titled 1968 debut from a short-lived rock band that made Cream look like pussies. Maybe that's overstating things, but this record is great and it has fucking demons on the cover, which has always been a major selling point for me. This album has become increasingly harder to find, which is a real shame considering how progressive this band was. If you're a fan of awesome fuzzy blues riffs, proto-metal, or 70's horror movies (some of the more orchestrated tracks sound like they're straight out of an Argento film) you'll like this. Oh, according to two of the members of Gun played with Ginger Baker for awhile. The blog post comes full circle.

- Steve

Download S/T


Anonymous said...

I have this on vinyl. If you like it you should look for a band called "Armageddon" from the same era.


Anonymous said...

This is a good record, indeed. I'll check out Armageddon as well.

Anonymous said...

Gun rocks. Armageddon rocks. The Gurvitz, ne Curtis, brothers played with Ginger Baker in "The Baker Gurvitz Army", which also rocks, but not as hard as the GUN stuff. Gun records are 40-80 records. Baker Gurvitz Army records are 1-10 records. FYI

Banjo said...

been trying to find a digital or cd copy of this thing for years, stumbled upon a vinyl copy years ago and bought it basically for the art and was pleasantly surprised with the tunes. thanks!