Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tim and Eric - Awesome Record, Great Songs

Chances are if you've caught Adult Swim after midnight and they weren't showing stupid shitty anime, you've seen the Tim and Eric Awesome show. For those of you who haven't seen the show, just imagine your favorite sketch comedy program boiled down to a 15 minute time block, on acid. Lots of acid. Fucking tons of it. This record compiles most of the shows songs, as well as some remixes and covers. I cannot find the words to express what it's like to hear a band like The Shins play a song called "Wipe My Butt." Oddly enough it may be the best thing they've done in years.

- Steve

Download Awesome Record, Great Songs


killer skillet said...

Rolo Tony brown town, check yourself out at the door. Give us all some rolos, you know you gotta give us some mooooorrre of those rolos.

blackmold said...

these assholes need to be shot

Anonymous said...

Blackmold needs to wipe his butt

Brule's Rules said...

I don't think blackmold is ever ever ever going to wipe his butt.