Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parts & Labor - Stay Afraid


Parts & Labor are a great band, and Stay Afraid is pretty cool little record but it suffers from "one-track-is-so-good-it-almost-ruins-the-rest-of-the-record" syndrome. The opening song, "A Great Divide" is absolutely fucking killer. Trust me, you'll find yourself putting it on repeat more often than not. Really though, I'm not trying to knock the rest of the record here. Parts & Labor have perfected a formula for chaotic, clamorous, indie rock that is always noisy and abrasive but never sacrifices good songwriting in favor of self-serving experimentation. Grab this and then check out their latest record, Mapmaker too.

- Steve

Download Stay Afraid


Anonymous said...

i think springtime hibernation is the best track on this album. thank you for this AND the dan friel.

nic said...

This was one of my favourite albums for whatever year this came out. Love it so much. Was really dissapointed with the follow-up though. The vocals sounded like Andy from Little Britain!

Anonymous said...

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It is so true what you just posted about the syndrome of the one good song, so many records have this syndrome. It is one hell of a opening song indeed, really explosive.