Monday, July 7, 2008

Casino Versus Japan - Whole Numbers Play the Basics

I'm way behind with my downloading, and haven't heard anything new that has come out over the last 2 months, so I decided to upload a classic. If I ever feel like getting really high without actually smoking a bowl, I put on this album. It's simple "electronica" (worst genre name ever), and incredibly reliant on it's euphoric tone, but it's just enough to completely shut down my brain, so download, tune in, drop out. I'd easily take Casino Versus Japan over Boards of Canada.

- Dan

Download Whole Numbers Play the Basics


Rocky Bergen (Rockasoo) said...

Haven't heard this yet, but I always get excited when Dan breaks out his electronic stuff!

Palbo said...

Mandíbula mecánica que indócil
baila, descolocada y entreabierta.
Articulando la madera fósil,
ruge con el crujido de las puertas

cierto muñeco con el ojo tieso
y mueca en otras épocas radiante.
Sin haber nunca dado un solo beso,
melancólico yace en un estante.

Los trazos que simulan ser cabello
no encierran sino penas sin color,
ignorantes del cielo, de lo bello.

Y, su estopa, cargada del dolor
de fingir que la vida es sólo aquello.
De no haber conocido un solo amor.

Mark said...

I love the artwork. It is by a NY artist Jason Rolf. I have 2 of his paintings. They guy is really talented.

Mark E. Rich said...

Check out my blarg for an extrensive CVJ post


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