Monday, July 28, 2008

Women - S/T

"The band's debut was recorded by Sub Pop and Flemish Eye artist Chad VanGaalen over 4 months on ghettoblasters and old tape machines in his basement, an outdoor culvert and a crawlspace. Sometimes light and spacious, at other times eerie and dense with an ominous weight, Women hint at the Velvet Underground, Swell Maps or This Heat; a lo-fi masterpiece cloaked in layers of vibrato and guitar wash." courtesy of Jagjaguwar

There's been a substantial amount of hype around this band for awhile now but I didn't have any sort of expectations when I heard them for the first time. Everything I had read said something to the effect of "yadda yadda yadda freak folk blah blah Velvet Underground." So my initial thought was "hmmm... get in line with the 37918278934798127349 bands doing that."

...and now I feel like a complete dick. This is the best debut of 2008. I'm not going to bother writing any sort of description, just download this one now and experience it for yourself.

- Steve

Download S/T


Anonymous said...

you havent heard the ten kens album coming out in september then.. its absolutely unreal.

OngakubakaSteve said...

You're right, I haven't but I'll check it out. thanks.