Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling

Mogwai doesn't make bad records, but they don't always make particularly interesting records either. The group tends to play it safe and follow their tried and true "start off soft and pretty and slowly crescendo to a climax before getting all soft and pretty again" formula. Still, you can't discount the fact that they do it really damn well. While The Hawk Is Howling isn't a monumental departure from their past work, it is their best album in at least 5 years. Aside from artwork so bad it can only be compared to Mogwai's 2006 release Mr. Beast, there isn't much to complain about here. Recommended for both fans and non-fans alike looking for a good post rock fix.

- Steve

Download The Hawk Is Howling

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don Caballero - Don Caballero 2

(Link Fixed 2/15/09)

This is, without question, my favorite Don Cab album, so I'm glad someone requested this rather than Punkgasm (which has its moments, but contains too much filler). This album is a grim reminder of the importance Ian Williams was to this band, and the Don Caballero name should have retired when he left the band, but Damon Che is a large and gumpy bastard who decided to contaminate their legacy by continuing to make 2 more albums, which are not bad necessarily, but should not be by the same band that created this album, seeing as Che is the only remianing member. When I saw "Don Cab" a few years ago, Che bragged that his music was played on the radio, which may have been his sad attempt at making some kind of joke, but really it just made him look like an asshole. He seemed to quiet down when some guy standing next to me decided to start mocking him, claiming that he was not a good drummer and that Zach Hill is better than him. Haha Good times. Fuck Che.

- Dan

Download Don Caballero 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shellac + David Yow - Shellac Pistols Live 10/31/98

This is pretty good quality live bootleg of an infamous Shellac show on Halloween night a decade ago. I was going to save this one until October, but it's too good not to upload. Apparently, no one had any idea that Shellac was planning to play a set comprised entirely of Sex Pistols songs, and the crowd was even more surprised when David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid) came out to take over vocal duties. The band never broke character during the performance, which makes the recording even more memorable.

- Steve

Download Shellac Pistols Live

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brainbombs - Urge to Kill

I don't even know what to say about this album other than it is brutal and filthy as fuck. Load Records accurately describes their sound as "thug rock". Songs like "Ass Fucking Murder" and "Slutmaster" make you feel like a very cool and incredibly terrible person when you listen to the lyrics, and the album sounds as if it was recorded inside an empty trash can. In other words, this is what rock and roll is supposed to sound like. This ones been long out of print, so don;t feel bad downloading this one.

- Dan

Download Urge to Kill

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pitchfork Festival 2008

I'm not an entire month late with this post so it's still relevant, right? I thought I would post live material from some of the best performers at this years festival, because awhile back someone said "hey do a pitchfork post." Ask and ye shall receive.


Picture courtesy of pitchforkmedia.com

Strain your eyes enough and you can actually make out my face in this picture. It was cool hearing the songs from Smile live, but unfortunately Boris had to cut their set a little short. Their amps cut out a few times, and finally the drummer informed us that there was "not enough electric power" before leaping into the crowd.

Download Live + Rare Tracks


picture courtesy of youaintnopiccasso.com

Spiritualized is great live, but it's best to see them indoors with the lights turned down. The music they play just screams for that sort of intimacy. Hearing them in a festival setting wasn't bad by any means though. Jason Spaceman had a trio of gospel singers backing him, and played a set consisting mostly of new material from Songs in A&E. The set was capped off by an extended version of "Take Me to the Other Side" that ended with some guitar and amp smashing theatrics.

Download Live London Acoustic Sessions

Animal Collective

Absolutely mesmerizing. There isn't any other way to describe the band's performance. Every single person at the festival had their eyes glued to the stage and were completely enthralled . To add to the overall entertainment value, some girl was tripping her balls off next to us and freaking out the entire time. That bitch was crazy and Animal Collective played flawlessly. They would have been my favorite performance of the weekend, but Fleet Foxes edged them out. Go buy twelve copies of that record and give them to all of your friends, those guys are the real deal. I'd upload something by them, but you've heard their EP/LP a millions times already. Sub Pop doesn't take too kindly to MP3 blogs either. Am i going off on a tangent here? Fuck. Well, Pitchfork Festival was great, and that's that. More updates more frequently from me in the near future, I promise.

Download Live in Helsinki, Finland

- Steve

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kid606 - Down With the Scene + GQ on the EQ++

I don't know why I've never posted anything from 606 on here. I've been listening to him for almost 6 years now after a friend of mine introduced me to him. Down with the Scene put Kid606 on the map. This album set the standard for glitched and sample stretched experimentation. Without this album, many artists I listen to would either not exist or would be lacking a significant influence. Although it was released in 2000, it's still one of the best. The track "GQ on the EQ" single-handedly changed my life. And speaking of GQ...

This one is my personal favorite. It originally was a 6 track 10", but was released on CD with additional rare and unreleased tracks (hence the ++). It was on this album that 606 perfected his production. The tracks vary from incredibly badass and ridiculously smooth glitchy rhythms to beautifully stretched orchestrated samples that, if they weren't so interesting, could easily put me to sleep (in an good way). "Dodgy" and "When I Want a Gun, Yeah" are essential tracks.

- Dan

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Ohsees - The Cool Death of Island Raiders


Sorry about the lack of posts lately. With getting married a little over a month ago, a trip to Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival, and most recently moving down to Richmond, VA from Michigan, I haven't had time for the internets. But, I'm finally getting settled down, and I promise I'll get my shit rolling once again. So, since I haven't been keeping up with the new shit, I'll post a shoutbox request. I think I've expressed my love for John Dwyer quite clearly in my past posts of The Ohsees and Coachwhips posts. I used to listen to this album quite a bit when I first heard it, but after hearing Sucks Blood I started to ignore it, and then once their most recently incredible album The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending the Night In, I pretty much have ignored all their older material, so I'm glad someone requested this album because after listening to it once again, it will make it's way back into my listening rotation after quite the haitus. It's money.

- Dan

Download The Cool Death of Island Raiders