Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pitchfork Festival 2008

I'm not an entire month late with this post so it's still relevant, right? I thought I would post live material from some of the best performers at this years festival, because awhile back someone said "hey do a pitchfork post." Ask and ye shall receive.


Picture courtesy of pitchforkmedia.com

Strain your eyes enough and you can actually make out my face in this picture. It was cool hearing the songs from Smile live, but unfortunately Boris had to cut their set a little short. Their amps cut out a few times, and finally the drummer informed us that there was "not enough electric power" before leaping into the crowd.

Download Live + Rare Tracks


picture courtesy of youaintnopiccasso.com

Spiritualized is great live, but it's best to see them indoors with the lights turned down. The music they play just screams for that sort of intimacy. Hearing them in a festival setting wasn't bad by any means though. Jason Spaceman had a trio of gospel singers backing him, and played a set consisting mostly of new material from Songs in A&E. The set was capped off by an extended version of "Take Me to the Other Side" that ended with some guitar and amp smashing theatrics.

Download Live London Acoustic Sessions

Animal Collective

Absolutely mesmerizing. There isn't any other way to describe the band's performance. Every single person at the festival had their eyes glued to the stage and were completely enthralled . To add to the overall entertainment value, some girl was tripping her balls off next to us and freaking out the entire time. That bitch was crazy and Animal Collective played flawlessly. They would have been my favorite performance of the weekend, but Fleet Foxes edged them out. Go buy twelve copies of that record and give them to all of your friends, those guys are the real deal. I'd upload something by them, but you've heard their EP/LP a millions times already. Sub Pop doesn't take too kindly to MP3 blogs either. Am i going off on a tangent here? Fuck. Well, Pitchfork Festival was great, and that's that. More updates more frequently from me in the near future, I promise.

Download Live in Helsinki, Finland

- Steve


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

The kind of band that is BEST watching than on record!

Anonymous said...

hurry to listen.
thanks a lot for this record !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated!