Friday, September 12, 2008

Brainbombs - Cheap EP


I got a request for this one a while back, and a more recent general request for another Brainbombs post. This 12" from 2003 is a little different than their other material. It's even more "no-fi", with an added hiss, as well as some phaser, which makes the record more hypnotic/abusive. Also, Alec Empire's remix of "It's a Burning Hell" is quite beastly. A perfect record for when you're feeling uncultured and uncivilized.

- Dan

Download Cheap EP


. said...

Hey OngakuBaka! Thanks a lot for this, I was the one that made the general request.
I´ve heard you say in some posts that you work in a radio station, wanted to know if there is some web site where I can hear your programing online.
Your blog is fantastic.

José, from Chile, South America

Anonymous said...

Hey man, glad you dig the blog. We always try to fill requests whenever we can.

as for the radio station I work at...

I do the morning show from 7-9 on tuesdays and thursdays.

We do have a webstream, but as of right now it's not working. It should be back up in a few weeks though.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful.
thanks for brainbombs!!!!!!
can you upload some more?