Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OCS - 3 + 4


John Dwyer = OCS = The Ohsees = Thee Oh Sees. Released as a 2CD set. OCS 3 is subtitled "Songs About Death and Dying Vol. 3" OCS 4 is subtitled "Get, Stoved". Both solid. It's amazing how Dwyer has been able to maintain this particular sound. Although it has evolved for the better, he has always been able to give the listener a sort of intimacy that not many artists can execute. With it's experimental noise and the perfected muffled Ohsees sound, 3 + 4 represents an intriguing stepping-stone in Dwyer's progression.

- Dan

Download 3 + 4


mandingo said...

Thanks so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Nice upload and great stuff blog! Thx

voodoorhythm said...

wow! havent heard this/these one/s..saw them play last month..amazing!

Anonymous said...

awesome! do you have their first two albums? those are the only ones im missing and dying to hear! thanks!

The Postman said...

I would also enjoy like to know if you have acquired OCS 1 0r 2.