Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tweak Bird - Reservations

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"Tweak Bird is the LA by-way-of Illinois brother duo of Caleb and Ashton Bird. Produced under the helm of the impressive production team Deaf Nephews (Melvins' Dale Crover and Altamont's Toshi Kasai), the duo's debut is a sweeping seven-song intro to a band exploring the depths of heavy experimental, progressive, and psych-infused rock. A sort of musical Armageddon that's constantly on the horizon, looming out of the unabated, swirling fuzz."

This is a pretty cool little record that seems to pick up where DFA 1979 left off a few years back. Heavy hitting fuzzed out rock with a toe-tapping back beat. My only gripe is with the vocals, but eventually you'll get used to them. There's a lot of hype around these guys so don't be surprised if you see and hear them everywhere a few months from now.

- Steve

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Plan-B said...

Wow, thank you. Great stuff

pieter said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks a bunch!

Goatface said...

killer album

everyone go buy it!