Thursday, October 16, 2008

Broadcast - The Future Crayon

I apologize for my brief disappearance. My hard drive took a dump, and I lost every single one of my files. I bought this album on vinyl back when it came out, and while I was without a computer I was thoroughly enjoying it. Even though this album is comprised of various b-sides, I had forgotten just how well it works as an actual album, and now that my laptop is now working like a charm, this was one of my first downloads (and found there to only be one active link online). Anyways, the last half of the album is mostly instrumental, and mostly amazing. Although Haha Sound is likely to forever be my favorite release by them, this is certainly number two.

- Dan

Download The Future Crayon


Anonymous said...

Very nice album, thank you for the recommendation. I'll go check out their other releases.

Anonymous said...

i upped them all in the shout box!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks for the post.

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