Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mayyors - Megan's LOLZ + Marines Dot Com LP

Here's a pair of 7''s from a band that likes to go about things the old-fashioned way (and like Wavves, enjoy unnecessary doubling of letters). I say old-fashioned because these guys don't exist on the internet. No Myspace or website in general. Only brief descriptions from labels, and live show reviews. They're from California, and have been quickly gaining notoriety due to their incredibly loud and abrasive shows. They sound a little like a mixture of Coachwhips and Brainbombs, except much louder and recorded in the highest of lo-fi. Both 7''s are solid, but Megan's LOLZ is incredibly solid, and may very well destroy my laptop speakers. There are lyrics buried underneath the frenzy, but they're obviously irrelevant, and any band that claims ear plugs are a necessity for their live shows has my attention.

- Dan

Download Megan's LOLZ + Marines Dot Com LP


Jason said...

Holy Christ, thanks for posting this, I was just about to go hook up the ol' laptop and import this bad boy. Now I can listen to it on my walkman! Yay! Thanks interweb.

pinto said...

This is great! Thanks. Chances are you won't be seeing any Mayyors videos on MTV any time soon.

nothingwheel said...

holy cock!

These records are amazing


Anonymous said...

Lucky enough to see the Mayyors twice in Austin this past week. Fucking sick. I loved it. Like a punker Comets On Fire.

Anonymous said...

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shortwaverockin said...

i dont know what sexy said, but it's probably along the lines of- HEY, THANKS FOR THE MAYYORS, i've been looking for this.

Bronx, NY

Howard said...

Is there any way to make this available again? I just heard about this band via Chunklet magazine and heard a few tracks here and there...and was blown away!
Thanks much