Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mindflayer - Die & Mold Services

I bought this one on vinyl back when it was released, but I've never bothered downloading it until a few days ago. I'd hope most readers are already aware of Mindflayer, but if you aren't it's the drummer of Lightning Bolt and a dude from Forcefield, and it's one of the best things to come out of Fort Thunder. Although I'm sure this would be considered blasphemy to many Lightning Bolt fans, I think that when Mindflayer is on their game, they are the superior duo (oh no he didn't!), and there are plenty of moments on this LP that help plead my case. Each side is its own track, each around 18mins. Track 2 is more incessantly amazing than the first, but both contain plenty of "holy shit" moments. About 8 minutes into track 2 is one of my favorite things ever created.

- Dan

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Gumo Ga said...

i guess you've been reading my blog. thanks! the gay beast album only has 5 tracks, there's supposed to be 10. wazzup wit dat?

kieran said...


GODPUS said...

8 minutes into track 2 always my favorite part too! makes me wanna mosh with a buncha space-trolls on a million colors meteor

squabs said...

please re-upload this I beg of you.