Monday, November 3, 2008

Akimbo - Jersey Shores

(LINK FIXED 11/14/08)

"Akimbo are back with another hearty ass-kicking that will remain a paramount moment of their recording careers. Inspired by the infamous and bizarre legacy left from a string of shark attacks that occurred in the Garden State in 1916, Jersey Shores isn't just metal, hardcore, or punk rock. Instead, it reminds us why rock and roll was so hated and loathed in when it first arrived. Loud, riotous, rebellious, and defiant are just a few reasons that come to mind. Recorded over a three-month period at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music in Louisville, Kentucky, with Chris Owens (Coliseum, Breather Resist) while the band subsisted on a diet of ramen, frozen pizzas and, of course, beer, Jersey Shores isn't the heavy/loud music that one would steal from the tape deck of an older brother's '87 Ford Escort. Nor is it simply an abrasive assortment of gliding guitar riffs on steroids and guttural growls-it's also a hideous hybrid of doom and noise-core that takes no prisoners while its big hairy balls hang out. Make no mistake-history will see Jersey Shores as the moment where Akimbo joined the elder statesmen of heavy music." courtesy of Neurot Recordings

This is by far the best metal record I've come across this year. Heavy, unyielding, and abrasive without any of the uber-serious metal male macho bravado. Plus it's a concept album about sharks ripping people apart. Awesome. Buy a few copies of so they can come to Detroit or Kalamazoo the next time they're on tour.

- Steve

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Meatbreak said...

this link doesn't work, it says 'invalid file'


i was looking forward to hearing about sharks.


Anonymous said...

I'll fix the link.

Anonymous said...

Kalamazoo indeed!

JT said...

hi, great blog! just tried to download this and it says it was only set at 10 downloads and can't be had any more? mistake or purposeful?