Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Albums of 2008

Welcome to the 2nd (and hopefully not the last) OngakuBaka Top 10 albums of the year list. Before we jump right in to our picks, we’ll explain the guidelines for the selection process.

1. These records are in no particular order.
2. No live records, “Best of” collections, box sets, or re-issues. The albums chosen had to be material released in 2008.
3. This is a collaborative effort between the two of us, and if we didn’t agree that an album deserved to make the cut, it didn’t make the list.
4. Don't badger us because your personal favorite records may not be on the list. There are plenty of albums we never got a chance to listen to, forgot about, or never had time to fully digest, so if you disagree with our list, there is no need to let us know (especially concerning Fleet Foxes. It's fucking awesome and deserves to be on every goddamn top album list, so stop hating something because it's as big as Starbucks and a lot of annoying indie kids listen to it).
5. If you missed out on any of these album reviews, check for an original post, or just google it.

With that said, here are our honorable mentions for 2008:

Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist
Gary War - New Raytheonport
Boris - Smile
Akimbo - Jersey Shores
Teeth Mountain - S/T
Howlin' Rain - Magnificent Fiend
Prussia - Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly
Spiritualized - Songs in A&E
Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends
The Bug - London Zoo
High Places - S/T
Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual
The Music Tapes - Music Tapes For Clouds & Tornadoes

…and now without further ado, our top 10 records of 2008:

1. Thee Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

5.Wavves - S/T

6.Apollo Sunshine - Shall Noise Upon
Download Shall Noise Upon

7. Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

8. Women - S/T

9. Fleet Foxes - S/T

10. Woods Family Creeps - S/T


Justin Snow said...

Solid list. I was hoping not to see Fleet Foxes on there, though. 'Cause, ya know, it's on every goddman list. Whatevs. Women is totally underappreciated and I'm glad you guys are given it some love. As well as the scuz rock stuff like Wavves and Segall. Not that you want/need it, but your list receives the Anti-Gravity Bunny Seal Of Approval.

Anonymous said...

Prussia should have been up on the top 10. So good.

Carter Mullin said...

fleet foxes isn't on my list. i don't like them damn indie folk kids.

Anonymous said...

Totally cool list man. You are right, Fleet Foxes deserves to be in any top 10, as does No Age, so haters should shut the f*ck up. Just because a lot of people like it, doesn't make it bad.

I also dig your number one and there is some stuff here I haven't heard that I will check out. Any chance you can put links for your honorable mentions?

Meatbreak said...

Cool list. Black Mountain started off in my top 50 then kept getting bumped down. It is pretty awesome, but I'm not still feeling the power of it as much as I did at the beginning of the year. Fleet Foxes are a poor Neil Young covers band, I can't see the greatness of them at all. Other than those two, I like it a lot!


Unknown said...

Thanks to cg for further recommendation of Prussia. They're amazing and easily one of my permanent favorites.

Thee of Sees is tight.

Justin Snow said...

Didn't mean to offend with the FF criticism. You don't have to defend your list just cause some people don't agree with it. Especially down to each individual pick. Everyone's got their own taste. That's why we make lists, to declare our love for certain records. I just wasn't expecting to see FF on a blog so devoted to such indie/underground/whatever stuff.

_dego said...

great list. many thanx for the links

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone finally put Thee Oh Sees on their Best of '08 list. Best album of the year, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog - you've got very good music here.