Friday, January 23, 2009

Casy and Brian - Catbees


I'm not entirely sure of what I think about Casy & Brian (who are also known as "Catbees"). It's about as obnoxious as it is entertaining, and they rely entirely too much on their whiney, snotty, and uncontroled vocals. Every once in a while, however, they'll drop the fractured and awkward structures and they'll fall into a groove that is much more appealing. It's a mixture of the keyboard-driven-simple-but-dancable sound of Numbers (In My Mind All the Time days) and the uncontrollable, barbaric, and animalistic vocals of Black Eyes or Blood Brothers. Althouth I'm sure their live show is quite entertaining, I can't help but think that I've heard this all before. All I know is that 14 year old emo kids and scenesters will think this is the greatest thing they've ever heard.

- Dan

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Blake said...

haha. harsh write up, but I can somewhat understand.

I just wrote an article on the Pretty Blue Presents label out of the bay..

and I was intrigued. Thanks for posting this. I figured with all the bay area shit you post, you would have it.

I'm going to go write some 14 year old emo love songs now. bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Watered-down version of Best Fwends, perhaps?

jon said...

best fwends sucks, they dont even play instruments when they preform, or at least when I saw them. This band rules and is way more fun that air inflated halloween decorations.