Saturday, January 31, 2009

Darker My Love - S/T


Somebody has really been clamoring for this one for the last couple of weeks. Well psych rock obsessed anonymous shoutbox poster, Ongakubaka is like the Make a Wish Foundation but with fewer terminally ill children, which means this is your lucky day. Breath that sigh of relief. Darker my Love is psych rock band out of L.A. featuring a couple of guys that have played in The Fall (awesome) and a few guys that played in The Distillers (we all make mistakes). I'll echo Dan here and say that on any given day I'd probably just throw on a Black Angels record, but that is in no way a shot at the level of talent and mature songwriting displayed by Darker My Love. Like them or not, these guys have chops and an ability to let some of their youthful punk rock energy bleed into the tracks. I also think that a lot of the people that read this blog will really like this record, so I'll give it my stamp of approval.

- Steve

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Seb said...

The first time I heard this, I half-wondered if it was a lost early Dandy Warhols album. But hey, if that's a sound you dig, then it's all good. "People" is a damn catchy tune.

...Though it bears remarking that the boys who subbed in The Fall are responsible for arguably the worst Fall album ever.

(DML also appear to be undainty self-editors on wikipedia: "The group's style is often compared to bands such as Can and My Bloody Valentine." For real? By whom?)

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the American trio for the Fall album they played on. There was a good record in there if anyone (meaning MES) had bothered with any production duties.
More importantly for Fall fans, there were an awesome force live (as are Darker My Love by the way - much better than on disc).

Pedro said...

Congrats from Portugal!
Nice Blog.
But there's missing one pretty good album, i can't find anywhere, Zomes.

Keep up.

D said...

This Album is also available from Dangerbird Records, for free at 192kbps.