Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dead Man - Euphoria

These Swedes bring the same sort of organic psychedelic rock & roll that you would here from other modern bands like Howlin Rain and fellow Swedes, Dungen, but it's much easier to compare them to the founders of their sound. There are moments on this album that will remind you of virtually every band to come out of the 1970s. Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Soft Machine, Lynard Skynard, Blue Cheer, and the list could go on. Yes, this isn't the most original thing you'll ever hear, but they are damn good at it, and it deserves to be heard. These guys are on a large US tour, and I'll hopefully be catching them with Radio Moscow in a few weeks.

- Dan

Download Euphoria


Anonymous said...

Awesome post I'll be seeing them in New York at least twice if really good!

Waterfallman said...

This band really is incredible. At least judging by their debut. I love and I'm definately going to buy the second one too! Thanks for sharing it!