Sunday, January 18, 2009

Harlem - Free Drugs;-)


I'm glad someone requested this one because I had heard a band called Harlem, but it wasn't this one. I like this one. Catchy throwback garage pop duo. A little Velvet Underground and a lotta Black Lips. And what would a throwback record be without a song about a girl named Caroline?

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

Wow...Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i agree with alex
this album is totally bad ass and amazing
i mean with a song name like "psychedelic tits" its gonna be FUCKING RAD!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I never gave these guys a listen before. I'd always heard them mentioned in the same breath with other, lesser bands I won't name now.

Fucking Rad, indeed.

Anonymous said...

password please?

Viagra Online said...

I feel like this guys had been in the anonymity for a long time, or maybe it was that I'm recently listening this kind of music, so that's why I ignored their wonderful music.

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alice said...

Is it possible to re-upload this? Thanks!