Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Secret Mommy - Very Rec

If you've never heard this album, you'll be amazed what Andy Dixon was capable of doing with field recordings he obtained during various recreational activities (although I don't think "Daycare" is a valid recreational activity) using a condenser mic. With a little manipulation, a bouncing ball, grunt, or even a zamboni becomes the bassline. A few of the tracks are heavy on the ambiance of that particular activity, but a majority of the tracks are glitched and dancable wonders. Conceptually, this one of the greatest electronic albums ever made.

- Dan

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Justin Snow said...

This album is amazing! The opening track, "Tennis Court," is seriously awesome.

Squid said...

God I'm so glad you posted this! I've had Hawaii 5.0 and Mammal Class for awhile, they used to be my favorite electronic albums when I first got them. You definitely need to post Babies That Hunt next. Or have you listened to Mice of Mt. Career, the album released under his own name? I have been wanting to hear that full album for awhile.

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