Friday, January 9, 2009

Zu - Carboniferous

Holy Balls. First off, just click download now. There's no need to actually read any of the following sentences. There's a few links for this on various blogs already, but a post on this blog is far too appropriate. I've heard a handful of Zu's other material, but they have certainly outdone themselves for this February '09 release. These Romans decided to stop playing around, and start rocking the fuck out. It's the same heavy instrumental experimental avant-garde free jazz, but much more epic. Battles meets Noxagt meets Mike Patton meets my testicles, and now that we've all met, get it now.

- Dan

Download Carboniferous


abigjilm said...

Yes I just saw these guys at ATP. they were brutal! now they are coming to san francisco and I think Patton will be playing with them. they sold a tee shirt that read: Tom Araya is Our Elvis. how sick is that?!

Unknown said...

i like this

Unknown said...

abigjilm -

When are these rippers coming to SF??

Thanks for the downloads, Dan. This blog rips.

Anonymous said...

This is so fucked up. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are stealing from jazz musicians...believe me they NEED the money

Anonymous said...

Say what, motherfuckers? This shit comes all over your face. And you like it like that, don't lie bitches! Zu straight up kill. Any motherfuckers standing up better lay down and play dead. Peace.

Anonymous said...