Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars

Ecstatic Sunshine is a guitar duo hailing from Baltimore Maryland. No vocals, bass, drums, and oddly enough, no shredding either. Considering the band is more or less an excuse for two guys duel it out with their 6-strings, you might expect some Fucking Champs-esque wankery. Instead, Freckle Wars manages to be incredibly interesting and complex without seeming the least bit bloated.

- Steve

Download Freckle Wars


. said...

Thanks a lot for your exelent work. Ive found music here that i havent found in years.Keep it up!
I wanted to ask you if you could please post something of Lungfish, wich ive been searching a lot, it would be great if it could be Necrophones LP.
Thanks again.
A fan, José, from Chile.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the amazing music. I kept searching for great shit that only existed on vinyl and it kept bringing me back here time after time. Great picks, especially, the Oh Sees, Gories and the might 'whips. I went all the way back to page one (sad) and I never saw the King Sound Quartet LP anywhere. If you don't already have one, track down a copy, that thing is fiery.

Anonymous said...

ECSTC SNSHN are no longer the lovable guitar duo i saw in my friends kitchen rocking it out a year and a half ago. Dustin Wong plays with the mighty ponytail, and the other dude is continuing the project in the vein of part & labor (WTF, i know). But I loved this record so much. Thanks for upping it broski.