Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crawling Through Her Ghosts - Sleeping Soundly Below Zero

Sleeping Soundly Below Zero is the debut solo outing from Matt Massuch, former guitar player/whiskey drinker/heartthrob of Kalamazoo shoegazers Crash City Saints. While Crash City Saints relied on an ear drum shattering sonic wall approach to songwriting, Crawling Through Her Ghosts explores a far more subtle and nuanced side of the post-rock/shoegaze realm. Sleeping Soundly Below Zero plays like a love letter of sorts to past likeminded bands. Don't expect to play air guitar and throw the rock horns up while listening to this album. Most of the tracks build slowly and intricately and cut out just before they wear out their welcome. In a sense, this is the perfect ambient rock record for people with short attention spans. Not great for partying, but damn near flawless for your morning after. Download and enjoy.

- Steve

Download Sleeping Soundly Below Zero


____ said...

order crash city saints' nightdrive EP via sonic syrup records

it's a marvelous experience, opening that package.

robp said...

Sounds good so far. The post-shoegaze description sounded enough like Alcest (and the Alcest lp from 2007 was my fave of that year) that I had to check it out. Thanks.

kris138 said...

really liking this

andrewfuncrew said...

more like this.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying this... fag.