Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wrugs - Braided Gas EP

A very organic and relaxing brand of psych folk out of Chicago. This three song demo floats along beautifully and drifts by all too quickly. The track "Body Should" is the shortest but most intriguing of the three songs. It's relatively formless structure and three note bouncing guitar line gives it a very hypnotic and meditative quality. Although it's certainly different, if you enjoyed the Stag Hare album I posted weeks ago, you'll dig this. Let's hug some trees.

- Dan

Download Braided Gas


Anonymous said...

i DID enjoy the Stag Hare album you posted weeks ago!

*hugs tree*

Eric Uguet de Resayre said...

Man, thank you so much for the Stag Hare... best thing ive heard in a while!!!!!

the great red shark said...

i agree with the others...that Stag Hare album was brilliant, and I look forward to this Wrugs EP.