Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pointed Sticks - Part of the Noise

Canadian punk rock/power pop from 1978? I didn't think such a thing existed until I came across Part of the Noise, which collects the bulk of Pointed Stick's work during their '78-'83 heyday, and brief run on England's legendary Stiff Records. Prior to discovering this I figured D.O.A. was the only the only real punk band playing out of Vancouver at the time. I apologize to any blog-reading canucks for my ignorance. Anyway, these songs have a real smarmy pop edge to them, and are so catchy that they're likely to leave you scratching your head and wondering how the band never received the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.

- Steve

Download Part of the Noise


Andrew said...

Oh yeah man, this is my shit. I hate it when bland groups like Orange Juice or Josef K get revivalist press and awesome punk/pop like this continues to remain largely unknown. I hope a ton of people stumble onto this post and find out what they've been missing.

Pointed Sticks said...

Thanks for the props, and BTW,after 30 years,the original 5 have made a new record,out on vinyl Nov 1, and at the risk of overconfidence,its really good.go to and details will be forthcoming

Anonymous said...