Monday, July 20, 2009

Sugar Sugar Sugar - Live at Cap Hansen's Bar September 6, 2008

Rock 'n roll that's absolutely drenched in sex. That alone should get you to click the link below, but it's the hot and heavy guitar lines, breathy vocals, saxophone, and squealing women in the background that makes this live recording better than many studio recordings, and gives you an idea of their sweaty and sexually charged live show. It's a sound specifically created for your local hot, humid, and smoky bars. According to bassist/vocalist Andy Piper, “People seem to concern themselves about being so original that they miss the point. Making music that makes the audience like deer in the headlights for the sake of being original is not what we do. We make the music that we would want to go out and see, drink and dance to.” Sold. They released this CDR earlier in the year, but they've got a full-length studio album coming up in August, as well as a supporting tour. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and for Christ's sake support the band.

- Dan

Download Live at Cap Hansen's Bar

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Tech said...


First of all, I love your blog and what it provides, good and in many cases unappreciated (and hard to find!) music.
I love sugar sugar sugar, and I also very much like a band called 'The bugs'(Portland, Oregon)- the two of which are both 'friends' on myspace. I've been looking for bugs stuff for a very long time (especialy a track called S.P.A.S.T.I.C)and I was wondering if you know of them? Or Better yet have some of their stuff and are willing to post it?

Either way, thanks.