Saturday, August 8, 2009

Terminal 11 - Kaleidoscope Eyes

We received an email from Mike/Terminal 11 a week ago informing us of his new FREE mp3 release via Cockrockdisco, and, if we enjoyed it, requested we inform all of you as well. Well of course we fucking enjoy it. It's Terminal 11 and the dude is money. Kaleidoscope Eyes is so incredibly smooth that it's possible you won't even notice many of his samples as the pass you by. It's an album fit for deep space or the deep sea, and an overwhelmingly complex and unexplored mass for your brain. Thoroughly enjoyable. Mike has also started a label called Sunwarped Records which features artists out of Arizona and provides plenty of free music for your ears. Some good stuff there as well.

- Dan

Download Kaleidoscope Eyes



And here's some Thank You free music for your eyes

Anonymous said...

Got this record 2 years ago. still awesome