Friday, September 25, 2009

Desktop - s/t

As you can imagine, we get an overwhelming amount of bands and artists looking to be featured on this blog. Many are discouragingly terrible, and many are quite good. The good ones are downloaded and then seemingly disappear somewhere on my hard drive, but I'm now making a conscious effort to go back through them once again. Anyways, we were contacted by this Detroit duo a long time ago recommending we give their debut 3 track EP a listen. Desktop is an Electric Six/The Pop Project side-project that has been spreading like wildfire across blogs over the last month or so. This is some extremely accessible electro pop that will certainly pucker your assholes. The vocals exude some genuine soul, and the synth and bass lines will hook you in almost immediately. If you enjoyed that Brain Children EP I posted, you'll dig this. You can preorder the 12" @

- Dan

Download Desktop


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Anonymous said...

Fuck Detroit!

savacioun said...

thanks for this, i'm listening to brain children right now and was about to ask if they had released a full length album. great music!

bodo said...

i'm high right now;