Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heavy Hills - Demo

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I'm not dead, just living in my mom's basement and using a decade old computer with no speakers. LIVIN' THE DREAM! I've actually got a few things lined up to post, but I generally like to listen to shit all the way through a couple of times before I toss it up on the blog. With the aforementioned computer setup, that's been a bit of a problem. Heavy Hills is a psych rock band from sunny California and judging by the sound of their recently released free demo, they probably own more Spaceman 3 records than you do. This band has a real knack for locking into a fuzzed out groove and riding it to the point where it's nearly hypnotic. Definitely one of the better things I've heard this year, which is a big surprise considering this a demo from an unsigned band. If you work for a record label, hurry up and ink a deal with these guys and book 'em on a tour with Dead Meadow.

- Steve


pasticpine said...

very impressive, i am surprised nobody has snatched this

bbbrendddan said...

This demo is 1000% killer. Turn it up. Thanks for posting.

bodo said...

hang in there man maybe you're meant to be miserable or something for a little while i hope i was