Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part Chimp - Thriller

(LINK REMOVED 09/22/2009)

Sorry, the Lullabye Arkestra post isn't going to happen. VICE is putting the new record out which means we get slapped with a cease and desist order if we try to post anything. Sharing awesome music with the masses has been #1 on the latter end of their "Do's and Don'ts" list for awhile now. Shitty, I know. Don't worry, you can still stream the album for free here. We would never advocate illegally downloading this record, so don't go and rip that shit to your computer or anything.

"Hey Steve why don't talk about the record you're actually posting"

Good idea.

I like Part Chimp a lot because I'm 100% convinced that they don't give a flying fuck if you, me, or anyone else in the world likes them at all. This band is on a mission to rock out and destroy ear drums-- a feat easily accomplished on Thriller. Their previous proper full-length I Am Come is one of my favorite records from 2005 primarily because of the way it balances monolithic riffs with just enough melody to keep your girlfriend from telling you to turn that shit down. With Thriller Part Chimp sounds bigger and louder than ever, and the byproduct of this is one hell of an ugly, sludgy, rock album. The intentionally raw production and distorted-distortion-on-top-of-distortion guitar tone is what really elevates this record. I love everything about this band/album, right down to the ridiculous Ronnie James Dio meets Asia cover. Buy a few dozen copies of this thing and give them out to all of your friends in wimpy indie pop bands. Make the world a better place.

- Steve


Justin Snow said...

That last phrase is gold. Just like Part Chimp.

Paul said...

I like it! Fast, Fuzzy, Furious!

JDT said...

I have to download it for the cover alone. Thank you!

lucas boots said...

This shit is great. Thanks for the heads up. =]

John said...

fucking awesome