Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Netherfriends - Calling You Out EP

While I was out in Chicago last year, an acquaintance of mine played the Netherfriends' Feathers and Dots single for me while drunkenly screaming "THIS IS THE CUTEST FUCKING SHIT EVER! I WANT TO GIVE THESE MOTEHRFUCKERS A HUG THEY'RE SO FUCKING CUTE!"
I know what you're thinking, and yeah, I don't generally like my music to fall into the cute/hug category either. Just trust me on this one. Netherfriends manage too succeed where 99% of indie pop groups drop the ball. The music is upbeat and poppy, the lyrics light and occasionally tongue-in-cheek, but without that kitschy fluff element to ruin it all. While the tracks on this EP are undoubtedly pop tunes, there aren't many other albums out there with so many layers of sound in such a short running time. That's what really makes this album special-- the bursts of horns, plinking keyboards, and percussion that create beautiful and musically dense songs. This had to be a real labor of love for the band, and the effort definitely paid off. Still not sold? Parts of this EP remind me a lot of Animal Collective. Now I know you'll download it.

- Steve

Download Calling You Out EP


Anonymous said...

I'd really like to hear this but I keep getting a .RAR file for the download. Could you guys please post the mp3s? Thank you

OngakubakaSteve said...

.RAR is the compression.


same as a ZIP file.

Anonymous said...

take your time. you have the rest of your life to be drunk.