Friday, October 9, 2009

Pageants - Forbidden Delicious

Ben sent us this link to the final remastered mp3ified version of their EP I posted back in June. It now has a name, but no official cover yet, and...yup it's still fucking cool. Here's what I said about it before: I'm not sure what's in the water in "Melbz", Australia, but I want some. This is some gritty good ol' fashioned garage goodness, with some elements of surf and shoegaze mixed in. This EP would make an appropriate soundtrack for a dirty and sweaty high school prom in the middle of the desert.

- Dan

Download Forbidden Delicious


Anonymous said...

I'm digging it, but like most things, it's gonna take me a few listens to really get into it.

Oh, robot said...

I haven't even heard this yet, but after reading through your blog, I am a fan of you.

Even though I have it on vinyl already, I was super stoked to see that you offered the King Khan & BBQ record.

That in itself makes it common knowledge that you know what's up.

By the way... nice job with the Cannibal Ox.