Friday, October 16, 2009

Robin Parrent - Beauty Damaged

A few weeks ago, I received care package of sorts from OngakubakaSteve which included one can of Beer 30 Ice, a watered down and hideous disgrace to alcoholic beverages that Steve was incredibly excited for me to try, one can of Vernors, a barrel aged ginger ale born out of Michigan and not available down here in Richmond, a 7", some various snacks, and this album/demo/CD from Robin Parrent. Steve has been providing floor tom abuse, backing vocals, and overall sex appeal for the last year or so in Robin Parrent & the Revenants. This album is a mix of solo tracks from Robin and tracks that the band has made as a collective, and the most promising thing about this release is that it's incredibly difficult to find a comparison. You can certainly hear Robin's influences, as one of the first things I thought to myself when listening to it was "hmm Robin must listen to Scott Walker". The haunting and strained vocals will bring bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus, or The Smiths to mind, but musically this is more so an acid folk record, reminding me of bands like Comus, Pearls Before Swine, or Pentangle. Many of the tracks are dark and looming, and can even be a bit taxing on your emotions, but there's a beauty buried beneath it all (a damaged beauty perhaps? see what i did there? that's right). The most enjoyable moments on the record are when Robin is supported by the female backing vocals, giving the record a bit more variety. After a few spins through, "First Pain-Then Joy" is my personal favorite. There's a more collaborative album from Robin Parrent & the Revenants in the works, which I'm sure you'll be seeing here in the future.

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

Excellent review! I am in Robin's new backing band, The Remnants, and his first album is excellent. You couldn't have described the album better.