Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shatterproof - Rare Basement Demos

We received an email a while back from Kevin of Solar Coaster informing us of a band he was once in with Mike, the drummer of Thee Oh Sees in Kingsport, TN back in the early nineties. He had come across some old cassettes, and was in the process of transferring them over to digital format. He shared these three tracks, which had not been heard by anyone else but the band in almost 17 years. A very cool thought. Their sound, and as you can see in the photo above, their wardrobe, are pretty much what you would expect from the early nineties. Containing mostly elements of shoegaze and indie, there are moments that took me back to my Heatmiser-loving emo days. I'm not sure how often you or I will come back to these tracks, but it's interesting to hear the lo-fi/basement beginnings of musicians who went on to make bigger and better things, and we're honored that Kevin chose to share these with this blog specifically.

- Dan

Download Shatterproof Basement Demos

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Anonymous said...

Great songs!!!

love bass and vocals