Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pregnant - Liquidation On Swans

We received this submission from Life's Blood, a new and extremely promising label out of California that vows to only put good into the world.

"Pregnant is called so because it is so: it is the audible rendering of the reflective, kaleidoscopic ideas ceaselessly gestating in the mind of Daniel Trudeau. Two plus decades of living amongst the legions of chattering old folks, teen-age juggalos, and ramshackle junkies that fill the hill-lined recesses of Central Northeast California have led to a weirdly acute understanding of the full spectrum of human expressive possibility. Pregnant is the re-arranged refraction of this sensory input, a beautifully fucked-up tapestry stitched together from scraps of dormant inklings and theories. “Liquidation On Swans” is an immaculate conception, sonically birthed from the agile hands and emotions of Daniel, his friends and collaborators, and the innate strangeness of the people who color our everyday perception."

This cassette is definitely one of the better overall releases that has been submitted to us. It's refreshingly buoyant, consistently interesting, and is guaranteed to be a favorite for a large portion of our readers/listeners. I won't even weigh this down with comparisons or try to place it in any particular genre. You're better off just reading the description above and clicking the link below.

- Dan

Download Liquidation On Swans