Friday, December 18, 2009

Doctor Octoroc - 8-Bit Jesus

Each of these chiptune versions of classic Christmas songs uses game-specific sounds from many of your favorite NES titles. Doctor Octoroc exercises his creative juices by limiting himself solely to each games' specific soundtrack, and strays pretty far at times from the classic version of the Christmas songs we hate. "Carol of the Belmonts" is my favorite at the moment, but each of the interpretations are equally enjoyable. The 9 track demo version of this release is all over the internet, but this is the 18 track final version. Two consecutive 8-bit posts? Weird.

- Dan

Download 8-Bit Jesus


blackmold said...

This is great! I heard the 8 thrack version! Thanks again best blog on the net!

Unknown said...

This Doctor Octoroc is some kind of evil genius!

al schenkel said...

Great blog, great posts...thanks

Anonymous said...

8-Bit Jesus is an amazing title