Monday, December 7, 2009

The Reigning Sound - If Christmas Can't Bring You Home 7"

Fuck Christmas. Fuck snow, fuck gifts, and fuck all of the stupid fucking inescapable Christmas music from now until December 25th. You know why Thanksgiving is a better holiday? Nobody ever wrote an obnoxious song about eating a shit ton and then falling asleep on the couch while half-watching a football game. With that said, there is some tolerable music to play on our good sweet lord's day of birth. The Reigning Sound has beaten the odds with this 7". Two original tunes, and one cover that barely sounds like the original. This little record is definitely worth a download. If you need more Christmas jams to bump, I'd recommend sifting through the Ongakubaka archives for our Ongakubaka Christmas Extravaganza. I should also mention our best of 2009 list is coming soon. Dan and I are still digging through the audio dung heap to find all of the year's gems, so stay tuned.

- Steve

Download If Christmas Can't Bring You Home 7"


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Oh, robot said...

Damn! It appears that you've been hit by some spammin' assed bastards! Sheesh! Anyway, I just had to post because this is probably my favorite song from Reigning Sound.

ChemicalDan said...

You've obviously never heard Ray Davies' "Thanksgiving Day."

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