Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Albums of 2010

Welcome to the 4th (and hopefully not the last) OngakuBaka Top 10 albums of the year list. Before we jump right in to our picks, we’ll explain the guidelines for the selection process.

1. These records are in no particular order.

2. No live records, “Best of” collections, box sets, or re-issues. The albums chosen had to be material released in 2010.

3. This is a collaborative effort between the two of us, and if we didn’t agree that an album deserved to make the cut, it didn’t make the list.

4. In a year dominated by great EPs and 7"s, there are plenty of full-lengths we never got a chance to listen to, forgot about, or never had time to fully digest, so don't freak out if you don't see your personal favorite in our list.

With that said, here are our honorable mentions for 2010:

The Intelligence - Males
Royal Baths - Litanies
Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me
Girl Talk - All Day
Black Bombaim - Saturdays and Space Travels
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today
The Fresh & Onlys - Play It Strange
Mountain Man - Made the Harbor

...and now, without further ado, our top 10 records of 2010:

1. Zach Hill - Face Tat

2. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

3. Women - Public Strain

4. Tobacco - Maniac Meat

5. Ty Segall - Melted

6. Broken Water - Whet

7. Pill Wonder - Jungle/Surf

8. Tyvek - Nothing Fits

9. The Books - The Way Out

10. Grinderman - Grinderman 2

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Comets On Fire & Growing - Comets & Growing (2005)

Another great upload stolen from Silver Currant. Comets on Fire and Growing recorded this session a few months after completing their tour together back in 2005. 58 minutes of reverberated superspace to get lost in/left behind in. I had the pleasure of catching their stop in Detroit. Easily one of my favorite shows of all time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Electric Sea Spider - Mohican Beats

Melbourne beatician Jim Sellars, aka Electric Sea Spider, sent us his newest EP on Mine All Mine Records back in October. Just now getting a chance to give a listen. Spacey twitch hop. If you dig, make sure to check out his last record, The Thief, that we posted back in March.

- Dan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

VIDEO: Pedro Maia - "MEMORY" SUPER 8 SERIES #3 (featuring Panda Bear)

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker that collaborated with Noah Lennox a few years back to create this mesmerizing short film/music video that features two tracks from Panda Bear's s/t debut from 10 years ago. It's made the festival rounds over the last few years, and is just now seeing the light of day on the inter of webs. Thanks to Pedro for sending this our way.

- Dan

Monday, December 6, 2010

J.C. Satàn/Le Pécheur - Split EP

A fucking gorgeous split EP courtesy of French label PRT Disques. I've got a serious hard on for some of the garage outfits coming out of France, and these two bands are no different. J.C. Satàn (France/Italy) bring the hazy unadulterated jams with some pretty infectious vocals, and Le Pécheur's (France) clap-able jangly tracks are destined to be paired with scenes from some obscure black and white foreign film on Youtube in the near future. Good shit.

- Dan

Trailblazer - Gut Reaction b/w Mallard 7"

Two incredibly hypnotic and danceable post-punk lo-fi electronic pop tracks from this one-man Lexington, KY project. 300 copies on Moniker Records.

- Dan

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lou Breed - Stoned Out: Miami Beach

A refreshingly unpredictable and manic psych pop psychostimulant that ranges from feel-good Elephant 6ish tunes to deluded reverb-heavy experimentations. "To be released as a cassette sewn into a hand-screened t-shirt in a to-be-announced edition." Coming out sometime this month on Life's Blood.

- Dan

Saturday, December 4, 2010

V-3 - Negotiate Nothing

Long out of print and hard to come by at times even on the internet, V-3 is one of a handful of musical vehicles for the compositions of Columbus Ohio native Jim Shepard. V-3 lacks the abrasiveness of Shepard's earlier work with Vertical Slit but the variety found on this record is staggering. It's everything you like about lo-fi 90's indie rock and experimental bedroom artists squeezed onto one boombox-recording-quality album.

- Steve

Download Negotiate Nothing

Monday, November 29, 2010

Comets on Fire - The Black Cassette

Ethan of Comets on Fire/Howlin' Rain posted this rarity on his blog last year. Post-Blue Cathedral rehearsal jam sessions. 2005ish. Recorded on a 4-track during a "beer guzzling practice night." Only 21 handmade copies exist.

- Dan

VIDEO: Catholic Spray - The Ghost From My Grave

- Dan

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RaP - Chaos/Process Vol. 2

This is another Japanese release that caught my attention thanks to Begone Dull Care. A mostly improvised jam session that delves into some pretty hefty grooves. A mixture of psych, jazz, funk, and straight up rock and roll. Although not nearly as experimental, their freeform sound and schizophrenic moments brought to mind early Boredoms. I would imagine the room this was recorded in was filled with a lot of smoke and a shitload of empty beer bottles.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Psychedelic Aliens - Psycho African Beat

The Psychedelic Aliens were a Ghanaian psychedelic funk band that only recorded 8 tracks during their 4 year existence. One 4 track EP in '70 and two 7" singles in '71. Voodoo Funk and Academy Records have compiled the tracks for this CD/LP/4x7" boxset dropping later this month. I need.

- Dan

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Robby Moncrieff - Who Do You Think You Aren't?


Had a request for this one. Recorded back in January of 2005. Order it from Porter Records. Feeling lazy...

"Robby Moncrieff and Zach Hill team up for an explosive assault of mind bending keyboards and drums that merges the atmosphere of a 1970’s Italian horror film with a psychotic Nintendo 64. Robby Moncrieff, who is best known as What’s Up and has worked with The Dirty Projectors, brings a more experimental edge to his sound by mixing layers of keyboards and dynamic effects. Zach Hill, from the band Hella, contributes his stunning bombastic drumming style that lifts the recording to new heights seldom heard in electronic keyboard based music. This is a recording for the adventurous listener who welcomes new music created from a multitude of genres."

- Dan

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Sixteen Dreams

Waylon and his girl recently finished up their 5th release, Sixteen Dreams, and if you haven't had a chance to check out their previous releases, this is a good starting point. Hard-hitting sweaty backwoods rock 'n' roll goodness. Dude's got some soul. I always keep an eye on Waylon's blog Jungle Rot and label White Moon Recordings as well, and we thank him for sending this our way.

- Dan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stag Hare - Sand Paintings

If you enjoyed the Stag Hare release I posted last year, you'll be pleased with this Utah native's latest output from earlier in the year. Just got a chance to listen to it. His sound seems a little more deep-sea than sea-side on this release, but the boundless vibe-soaked watery rhythms still abide. Was limited to 50 on Moondial Records. Unfortunately sold out.

- Dan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maruo Maruko - Daisan Hankyu No Radio

This is one of a few really solid Japanese albums brought to my attention by Begone Dull Care, a blog curated by an Osaka resident that has been uploading CDRs purchased at local underground shows. Maruo Maruko of Kyoto plays intimate Japanese folk music in the most traditional sense. With the help of accordion, mouth harp, and various toy instruments, each track feels like a story that's been passed down from generation to generation. Keep an eye on Begone Dull Care for more releases you'll probably never come across elsewhere.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Triptonikhan - Toxicana Turnpike

Feels like I haven't posted something purely electronic in a long time. This is some seriously bass-heavy and mind, body, and soul-melting electronic wreckage created specifically for Armageddon. Auditory fire and brimstone. And you'll be dancing through every minute of it. Don't bother listening to this unless you promise to turn this up as loud as fucking possible. Oh and if you have any drugs readily available, you might want to utilize those as well. Thanks to Scott for the submission.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Black Orphan - 7" EP on Volar Records

4 track 7" EP from this one-man dark synth-punk madman. We received this email a few days too late. I would have loved to blast this on Halloween night. 100 pressed on grey vinyl, 400 on black. I ordered a grey copy for myself. Order yours here. We also posted 2 of his previous 7"s last year. Grab them here.

- Dan

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Slaves - Ocean On Ocean

Lying somewhere between doom and shoegaze, this Portland, Oregon duo exists within a musical realm that still feels relatively unexplored. Perhaps, because it is inffiinniitttee. Woooaaaah. Heavy on the mind, but light on the ears, the into/extrospection caused by their tone even brought to mind things like Gregorian and Gallican Chant. Grab a robe, turn out the lights, light some candles, and explore the deepest levels of your psyche. Out now on Debacle Records.

- Dan

Monday, November 1, 2010

Al Lover & Gus Cutty - Double/Single

Ty Segall/Thee Oh Sees-sampling San Fran hip hop. Worth checking out. Full-length drops in December. Keep an eye on Fist Family/Reflective Flesh Records.

- Dan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swimsuit - Demo

Not to be confused with Swimming Trunks, Swimsuit is a Detroit based indie/rock/twee band. A friend sent me this demo and I've been listening to it on repeat for a couple of days now. Perfect two minute pop songs that are both intricate and infectious. From start to finish this demo has an intangible special quality to it that I can't put my finger on. Easily the best new band in Detroit, and seemingly poised to have their careers launched into the indie rock stratosphere.

On tour now, don't miss out on this shit NYC mothafuckas:

CAID - early show!!, Detroit, MI
Sat, October 17 @ 5:00 PM

PJ's Lager House, Detroit, MI
Thu, October 28 @ 9:00 PM

Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI
Fri, November 05 @ 9:00 PM

The Foxhole, Fredonia, NY
Wed, November 10 @ 8:30 PM

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Thu, November 11 @ 8:00 PM

Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Fri, November 12 @ 9:00 PM

The Elevens, Norhampton, MA
Sat, November 13 @ 8:00 PM

Wildfire Lounge, Ithaca, New York
Sun, November 14 @ 8:00 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food Pyramid - I

Received this submission a few weeks back. Krautrock out of Minnesota. Astronomical looping electronic units accompanied by progressive instrumentation that will bring you back down within the Earth's atmosphere. Or maybe not. Either way, I is out now on Moon Glyph, with II and III coming out soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Junk Culture @ DC9

Caught Tobacco/Dreamend/Junk Culture at DC9 a few weeks back. Junk Culture stole the show, and Tobacco pretty much just DJed his own shit. Lame. Here's a video a friend (Show Me Deals, Show Me Deals) put together from the show. This two-parter includes a large chunk of their set, an interview, and the two of us stoned as shit talking to some crazy woman that lost her keys at the supermarket. Good times.

- Dan

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zach Hill - Face Tat

Greatest shit I've heard all year. Just shat myself listening to "Jackers". A must-have. Grab it @ his bandcamp.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tungs - Sleeping

Psych, shoegaze, electronic, post-punk, dream-pop, kraut. Richmond, VA's Tungs touch on virtually every genre on this record, and this is sure to receive heavy rotation with many of you. Easily one of the most promising acts in Richmond right now.

- Dan

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Women - Service Animal 7"

Here's that 7" that's being sent out with orders of the Public Strain 12" through Insound. Two very solid tracks, both previously unreleased.

- Dan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catholic Spray/Zyklon Beach - Fruits of the Moon

Here's that split I mentioned a week ago, and if you've been enjoying the Zyklon Beach side, you're going to shit a reverb and feedback-riddled brick when you hear Catholic Spray. This is some of the best stuff I've heard this year. Recorded exactly the way I like it, loud as fuck without anything sacrificed in the process. Apparently French garage rock fucking rules (or should I say "freedom" garage rock?). The Zyklon Beach tracks are exactly those from the demo I posted last week.

Side A: Catholic Spray
1. Captain WOLF
2. The Ghost From My Grave
3. Kiss The Smack
4. OuiJa Drunk Party
5. Beast In The Bushes
6. Waiting For The Sun
7. The Only One

Side B: Zyklon Beach
1. Twisted Witch
2. Ghosts
3. Shit Me Fire
4. Fuck Downtown
Bonus : Bad (live) + Screaming Girlfriend (live)

- Dan

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White Laces - s/t

Fuzzy, hazy, string-bending mid-90s Swirlies-esque indie/shoegaze out of Richmond, VA. "Motorik Twilight" is a highly recommended and contagious track. 12" EP coming on Whole Ghost/Shdwply Records. 300 pressed. Ships Nov. 02. Get it here. Below is a video a friend of mine (Show Me Deals, Show Me Deals) recorded at one of their shows back in Feb.

- Dan

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bwedge/Swimming Trunks - Split CD

Feel-good loop-based tropical tunes. The Bwedge (Sarasota, FL) tracks outshine Swimming Trunks' (Springfield, MO), but both seem to be most concerned with getting those beach bum booties swaying, preferably with a drink in hand.

- Dan

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pregnant - Regional Music


More organic, conceptual, and seemingly personal than any of his previous releases. Larger variety of instruments. This release was originally slated for June and was delayed for a bit, but should be shipping this month. 500 pressed on "big bird" marbled yellow vinyl. Preorder it from Life's Blood.

- Dan

(Link Temporarily Removed)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Afrirampo - We Are Uchu No Ko

If you weren't already aware, this is sadly the final Afrirampo record. The ladies are calling it quits, but I'm sure we'll be hearing more "ongaku baka" from them in future projects. This is without a doubt a celebratory record, as I'm sure their disbandment was decided before the recording process, and it shows in their sound. Their most playful, comfortable, and mature record. 2 discs. Track 2 & 3 of Disc 1, and track 4 of Disc 2 are exactly what I wanted to hear from the duo. Thanks to Oni and Pikachu for pleasing these ears over the last 5 years.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thunder Buffalo - s/t

(LINK REMOVED 11/03/2010)

Lo-fi garage bandits out of Seattle. Recorded at a volume that is sure to cleanse your sonic palate. There's not a single track that disappoints and, as far garage records are concerned, they create a good variety here. They also have a more recent release on their bandcamp that's requires your attention. "Gloomy In Us All" and "Black Cat Rising" are top notch.

- Dan

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zyklon Beach - Demo

Garage goodness out of France. Pretty sure it was recorded in a very small metal trashcan. Sounds completely broken at times, but I promise you will not want to fix it. Some of these tracks are from their upcoming debut release, a split cassette with Catholic Spray out in November on White Moon Recordings/Inch Allah Records.

Magic Beach - s/t

On their 1st record for Black Mantra, Magic Beach takes a trip to Ghost Island,and balance their tropical proto-house tendencies with a heavy dose of visionary psychedelia. If Les Rallizes Denudés where the house band on a Polynesian sea cruise.

Recorded in Montreal, but sounds more like it was recorded miles below the surface of the ocean. Free-floating periodic waves with the occasional unknown medium causing refraction. Really enjoyed Side A. Roll a fatty and head to your nearest beach as soon as possible. Limited to 80 copies. Get it for $5 @ Black Mantra.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contréo - Album

This one was submitted to us back in June, but I've had the hardest time giving this a proper listen. It's an interesting mix of pop, electronic, and baroque music. It's undeniably good, but it's countertenor vocals make it difficult to listen to for extended periods of time. The Radiohead-esque beats get relatively intricate and the strings are absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully some of you will give this the listen it deserves.

- Dan

Monday, September 13, 2010

Women - Public Strain

I only gave this one a quick listen because I wanted to get it up on the blog ASAP. This is the followup to Women's self-titled debut, an Ongakubaka favorite from back in 2008. My initial impression: this shit is dissident and bleak as FUCK. As an album, it flows a lot better than their previous work. Tracks move from one to the next in a more logical progression, which ditches the more thrown together (and at times schizophrenic) feel of the first record. I'll have to give it a few more spins, but right now I'm sold. Even if it lacks a big home run track like Black Rice, I can see Public Strain ending up on a lot of "best of" lists at the end of the year. Download this and then pick up the LP when it drops next week. Women is your new favorite band.

- Steve

Download Public Strain

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Justin Heathcliff - s/t

You may recognize the name Justin Heathcliff from the Love, Peace & Poetry: Japanese Psychedelic Music compilation that Steve posted a few years back. Heathcliff was the alias of Japanese musician Osamu Kitajima, who moved to the UK in 1971 and released this one and only LP under the moniker. British-inspired. Syd Barrett style vocals. Apparently I put two tracks from this LP on a mix for a friend years ago, but had since completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder, Scott (aka Papa Titty).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Bombaim - Saturdays and Space Travels

Post #500!! Craziness. Great heavy psych from Barcelos, Portugal. Unlike many psych records, you won't find yourself slowly drifting off into the void. There's some stoner riffs that haven't gotten my nipples this razor-sharp in some time. Your experience depends greatly upon how loud you turn this one up. For those outside of Portugal, check their Myspace for updates on how to grab one of these LPs.

- Dan

Monday, August 30, 2010

Idle Times - Get Your Feet Off the Ground b/w Driving You Sad 7" + Million Miles Away b/w Whatever Works For You 7"

These two 7"s from Woodsist and HoZac from last year will get you adequately pumped for Idle Times' debut LP that's due in October on HoZac. Both 7"s follow the same format. Each Side A showcases their reverb-heavy energetic West Coast garage/psych pop sensibilities. Both Side B's take it down a notch, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the seemingly subtle but highly competent guitar work. Also, you can go HERE to hear a track from the upcoming album.

- Dan

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raindeer - s/t

Sugary and nostalgic Baltimore synth-pop. A mix of influences from the 50s and 80s. An extremely accessible sound that will please twee-ginas and hipsters alike. Thanks to Charlie for the submission.

Milk Music - Demo

I'm back motherfuckers. I've got a real adult job out in California now, hence my lengthy hiatus. The good news is I've been stockpiling some awesome shit to post. Milk Music creates a nice mix of scummy 80's inspired indie rock and ear blasting fuzz guitar that will instantly conjure up memories of listening to early Dinosaur Jr. or The Wipers for the first time. Tons of potential here. Support these guys if get the chance to. Most of their music seems to be self-released/unreleased and they barely exist on the internet.

- Steve