Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ablehearts - The Flood

An intriguing record from this Brooklyn based sound and video artist. The combination of natural and effects-influenced cracking in the vocals makes this one of the more personal records I've ever heard, and it sounds as if this was never meant to be heard by anyone but the artist. Many of the arrangements are hidden behind the reverbed and distorted vocals, but it's the subtlety of it all that draws you in deeper. Although it's not the strongest track, the video below will give you an idea of what you'll experience while listening to this record. A record for the introvert in all of us, and definitely fitting for the winter season. Courtesy of Shinkoyo.

- Dan


Anonymous said...

this album is intensely beautiful

Anonymous said...

You are right, this album sounds extremely private. It is so beautiful, sad, touching and moving. I recommend it to everyone

nospec said...

thanks for this link, truely a revelation, a perfect balance between noise/melody. my favourite album of the year!