Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mira Belle - Blueprints

(Link Fixed 04/06/2010)

Sadly, this submission has been sitting in our inbox since early September, but I've been listening to it on and off since the moment we received it. From the Tarantino-esque track "A", to the Sesame Street-worthy beats of "K", to the looping carnival ride of "Z", this is a playful and experimental electronic record, and I apologize keeping it from you all for so long.


Anonymous said...

Can you please fix the King Khan BBQ s/t album link. Tried to leave a comment on that one, but no help so far. Also a request for the new King Khan album

Ege Baramyasi Listener said...

Hello Good people of Ongakubaka,
This link is busted. But I don't worry because I've found so many incredible records on this blog I know that I'll be entertained by something else. Thanks again for the introductions to so many rad bands.