Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shapes Have Fangs - 2008 SXSW EP

I came across this one on Soulseek, but it seems it doesn't exist anywhere else on the internets (that's not the real cover either). The first track I had heard from Shapes Have Fangs was a track (which is also included in this download) from the 2007 SXSW showcase. As you may already know, or will soon hear, they sounded more like a The Shins cover band than an actual band (BUT, they sounded like pre-shitty The Shins, so I never really minded). Anyways, although similarities are still there, it seems that they've been slowly developing their own sound, and sounds a little less like they're beating off on James Mercer's face. This EP from 2008 and the few tracks on their myspace will please the ears of many of you with their infectious vocal hooks and jangly guitar. They seem to genuinely have fun with what they do, and they're definitely in desperate need of a legitimate release other than that split 7" with Cavedweller. If anyone has any more info on this release or an actual cover, please do share.

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

Holy fuck is that great. How have they been playing SXSW for the past 3 years without releasing more than a split 7"?! Those 7 songs are not enough to get by on. Thanks for this. Any chance you can get a digitized version of the 7" up here?