Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Endless Endless Endless - Things I Saw

Beautiful little 3" CDR from this duo. Utilizing vocals, guitar, and Gameboy, Endless Endless Endless' hypnotic improvised session will warrant multiple listens, as there are some very cool things happening in the background, with some weightless progressions and loops that manage to put each cerebral lobe to work. "West" is one of the more enjoyable tracks I've heard so far this year. If you missed out on their incredibly badass self-released laser-etched Black Talisman release from last year, look it up. Thanks to Kimberly Dawn Recordings for this one.

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Anonymous said...

I've been flipping through this blog for about an hour or two now and I must say I am fucking overjoyed to see so many albums I love (not to mention how many I have already jotted down for further investigation!)

If you have not already checked these out:
---Pailhead (1986-1988 industrial/punk)
Unfortunately only one single and one EP were ever released.
Single & Trait EP:

---Stellarium (Singapore)
Fuzzy as fuck! Heavily influenced by Jesus and Mary Chain as well as My Bloody Valentine. The release of their first full length was Dec. 2009. All tracks are available, in full, for your hearing pleasure @ their home site: .(
Has been ringing through my speakers for almost two weeks.
** Grass Is Greener, Vertigo, Fader.
[[If you would like me to send the album in full just reply so I can get it uploaded.]]

---Big Black (1982-1987 Steve Albini, pre-Shellac)
Two top albums in my opinion are "Songs About Fucking" and "The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape" (compilation of tracks from the album "Atomizer" & the Headache EP).
((one of my biggest regrets is walking by the Headache EP in Plan 9 without picking it up))
**Passing Complexion, Bad Penny, Kerosene, Ready Men.
Songs About Fucking:
Rich Man's Eight Track Tape:

---La Otracina (Brooklyn, NY since 2003)
Psychedelicspacedoutjazzrockmindfuck. I fell in love as soon as I picked up their 2008 "Blood Moon Riders" LP. *URGENT: Find this album, go home, throw it on and get ready for an epic journey that will surely send you skyrocketing into another dimension.
(Unfortunately all I can offer is a link that will allow you to listen to the album in full online:

---NAAM (Brooklyn, NY since 2008)
What can I say? This trio's Kingdom EP will pull you into the supersonic vortex while their newly released S/T will completely cripple and dumbfound your senses (Is there a bastard son we don't know about, Sleep?) I'll continue to let my head roll.

Kingdom EP:

---Blues Control (Queens,NY since 2006, relocated to Richmond, VA )
When my eyes first rolled across the name, I'll be honest, I found myself skeptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear what this duo had to offer within minutes of hearing their S/T album. You'll find yourself on a major rollercoaster ride, experiencing ambient, layered and looped sounds to being thrown into some lo-fi, fuzz covered sludge swamp. Oh, and did I mention that every album they've released are live recordings? Blues Control isn't just random noise. It's two people who know how to use their instruments and use them well. With Rus Waterhouse on guitar/tape effects and Lea Cho on keyboard/vocals/harmonica. You won't find these albums boring nor repetitive, that I can promise.

Riverboat Styx:
Local Flavor:

Once again, this is a fucking phenominal blog. Please keep it up!