Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zomes - s/t

This one was recommended to us a really long time ago, and has been sitting in silence on my hard drive in my "shit people have told me i need to listen to" folder. Why is it so much harder to listen to things that are thrown right into your lap than the things that you take the time to track down on your own accord? I don't know, but I'm glad I finally gave this one the attention it deserves. Some artists/musicians are incredible at forcing the listener to concentrate on a singular thought, pattern, or sound using effective repetition while completely avoiding tediousness. Asa Osborne is one of those artists. You'll find yourself hanging on every last sound, concentrating on how the ripples of distortion vary from note to note, and noticing every millisecond difference between each measure. This is music with texture. Hypnotic and beautiful. I suppose this one isn't for everyone, but it damn well should be.

- Dan


bot said...

You rule!

When I was a kid my brother used to give me tapes with new music every week.

You are my brothers now!

plasticpine said...

I've been enjoying this for some time, it really is a jem, thanks for the revisit :]

bot said...

But seriously. Wjere do I find this record? It's genius and I want to worship!

Anonymous said...

thank you ongakubaka.

hush said...

this is so good, thanks!