Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boas - s/t

Boas is the solo effort of Tyler Newbold of Richmond, VA. This is some wonderfully produced psych/pop/IDM tunes that will take multiple listens to be fully appreciated. The first track will bring some inevitable Animal Collective comparisons, but those thoughts will disappear the further you get into the record. The album maintains the dreamlike sound that's dominating today's scene without resorting to the lo-fi approach. Put Toro y Moi, Animal Collective, Washed Out, µ-Ziq, and the Greek classical elements in a blender, and you've got the Boas cocktail. Worthy of some end of the year lists.

- Dan

Download Boas (or download it directly from the artist here)


nathan said...

yeah, newbold is really exploring the nature of his personal beast with this record. the vocals are particularly inviting to me for some reason. guess it's just that i am not used to eharing his voice permeate things like this.

RyanBrackney said...

really liking this record, thanks.