Sunday, March 14, 2010

Puerto Rico Flowers - 4

Even though it's printed on the back of the record and all over the Internet, I'm still having a difficult time coming to terms with who the sole creator of this incredible little EP is. Puerto Rico Flowers is John Sharkey III, who you may remember as the driving force behind the now defunct Philly band Clockcleaner. Gone are the buzzsaw guitars and smarmy lyrics, replaced by bass and synth heavy post punk in the style of Bauhaus and The Comsat Angels. While stylistically Puerto Rico Flowers could not be any more removed from Sharkey's previous work (even his voice is completely unrecognizable) it has potential to grow into something bigger and better. A new 7" is dropping in a few weeks (It's called "2" ...guess how many songs are on it) so keep your eyes peeled kiddies.

- Steve

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