Thursday, May 13, 2010

Caddywhompus - Remainder

Experimental noise-pop duo from New Orleans. Almost a louder and mathy Animal Collective at times. I thought I was going to have mixed emotions about this band at first listen, but once I hit the 1:41 mark of the fifth track, I was completely sold. There's some really good Battles/Hella-esque "rock the fuck out" moments, and also some very solid free-floating points that will demolish the rest of those pesky brain cells. I would assume that this stuff would translate really well live too. I haven't had too much time to digest it all, but they're currently on tour and I wanted to get this up here as soon as possible in hopes that some of you could catch one of their shows, and if I wasn't in the process of buying a fucking house right now, I'd pick up the $12 LP from Community Records in a heartbeat.

- Dan

Here's the confirmed West Coast dates (more to be announced soon):
May 14 | Houston, TX | Indie Houston House
May 15 | Fort Worth, TX | 1919 Hemphill
May 17 | Albuquerque, NM | Revlis (Silver Skate Shop)
May 18 | Prescott, AZ | Catalyst Infoshop
May 19 | Los Angeles, CA | Kaos Network
May 20 | Thousand Palms, CA | The Oasis Bar
May 22 | Santa Barbara, CA | Biko Co-Op Garage Performance Space
May 27 | Corvallis, OR | Cloud 9
May 28 | Portland, OR | In Other Words (early show)
June 2 | Boulder, CO | Astroland
June 4 | Austin, TX | Mohawk
June 5 | Houston, TX | Free Press Summer Fest

And the confirmed shows in the East (more to come):
June 19 | Lafayette, LA | Artmosphere
June 23 | Birmingham, AL | Magic City Wholesale
June 24 | Nashville, TN | Little Hamilton
June 25 | Carbondale, IL | The Swamp
June 30 | Madison, WI | Project Lodge
July 1 | Chicago, IL | Ronny's
July 11 | New York, NY | Piano's
July 12 | New York, NY | Bruar Falls
July 19 | DC | Girl Cave
July 23 | Atlanta, GA | Wonder Root


Unknown said...

translates extremely well live.

Corey said...

I love these guys. I'm from Houston, where they used to live and still play a lot, and they're amazing live.

Mr. Nick said...

Their live show is not to be missed. I live in Baton Rouge and I see them every chance I get.

Anonymous said...

i went to high school with these guys

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this link is busted could you please re up thanks.