Thursday, May 20, 2010

V/A - Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound in 1970's Nigeria

The indie rock "world music" trend is in full swing these days, with scarf wearing ivy league fruitcakes like Vampire Weekend churning out albums that sound like a collection of Rusted Root covers. I never really got into afrobeat, and the fact that every band I seem to hate these days cite it as an influence has kept me far away. Thankfully, I stumbled across this comp which has dramatically changed my opinion. It's rare that you'll come across any modern music that incorporates even a fraction of the energy and flat out coolness embodied by these groups. Throw it on at your next party and watch your friends hang from the ceiling and fuck everything that moves.

- Steve

Download Nigeria Afrobeat Special...


RSS said...

Since when the fuck do indie knobs reference afro beat in their music? Vampire Weekend is total shit. Afrobeat is quite possibly the coolest music of all time.

Le Ladies said...


OngakubakaSteve said...

RSS-- because you read this blog I'm guessing you're smart enough to stay away from bullshit world music influenced indie pop caca. And yes, afrobeat is insanely badass. I was missing out.

Oh, robot said...

"scarf wearing ivy league fruitcakes like Vampire Weekend"

I actually pissed my pants when I read this line. I'm not familiar with that band save for their first single, but I agree with you all the way. He who wears a scarf a t-shirt combo should be snuffed.

By the way, afrobeat is pretty dope!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I bought that record some month ago, it's just plainly mad! The first and tenth track in particular: insane drumming and flow going on!
Hadn't expected to see it turn up on this blog though, haha.

Anonymous said...

"Throw it on at your next party and watch your friends hang from the ceiling and fuck everything that moves."

Not to be a dick or anything, but this is kinda weird imagery to be using vis a vis Afrobeat, considering Africans have been of often depicted as oversexualized animals in the media... but yes, Fela reigns supreme.

lord_delicious said...

You know what, you could probably just tell the indie kids that what they are listening to is afrobeat, probably saving the world.

Question is how would you be able to turn around? Parties need people. Most of the time people at the parties need the parties too. I mean how would you be able to confidently not show an, let's say engaged, indie kid your own ass?

More importantly if you had a party with horny indie-ites how would you also keep them from sticking their penis' into record sleeves OR inserting the arm of your record player into themselves.

God, you wouldn't be able to take a picture. It would just encourage more blogs and make flickr hella mo money!

popshovit said...

hel yeah fuking hott

thanks for putting this up

ive grabbed soooooooooo fuking much shit lately for an upcoming trip [4months]
my ipod is saturated with new shit now


lamechop said...

No survey required for this link.