Monday, July 5, 2010

The Clap Summer Tour

First off, MORE POSTS ARE COMING SOON. Steve and I have been extremely busy with adulthood (even though we all know Steve has been slacking for some time now), but once we get settled into our new jobs/homes, posting will become more frequent again.

Secondly, Tyler from The Clap sent us an email informing us that they're currently working on a legitimate full length and will be kicking off a tour later this month, BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP WITH SOME OF THESE DATES. If there's anything you can do to hook these guys up with a show in or around your town, send them an email @ I'm doing my best to get them in Richmond on the 31st.

The dates so far are:

July 23 - Somewhere Tennessee - Help!
July 24 - Cincinnati, OH - TBA
July 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Trinity House w/Bandname, Peter & Craig
July 26 - NYC - HELP!
July 27 - NYC - Brewer Falls
July 28 - NYC - Taking the day off to see the bright lights.
July 29 - Boston, Mass - Help!
July 30 - Boston, Mass - Mel's Basement
July 31 - Anywhere in the Northeast - Help! (hopefully Richmond, VA)


willie_dixon said...

did anyone find out where the clap are playing in Cincinnati?

Anonymous said...

nope, help!