Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moon Pearl - Pearl Jams

Moon Pearl is the musical endeavor of Sam from Life's Blood Records. Animalistic lo-fi surf/kraut/post-punk. Totally digging this one. Put your tribal trance dance pants on.

"A beautiful stamped CDR in a polybag with xeroxed art and a real postage stamp from an era bygone, for real-life use on real-life mail (remember paper?). You can add this to any Life’s Blood order for $2 or order it solo-style for $3."


James Alby said...


Everyone should check this out.

Anonymous said...

kickass... love life's blood.

Mars said...

"Animalistic lo-fi surf/kraut/post-punk."

This made me laugh - "Animalistic". Try "Virulent", that's a good one, too.

Well, if it sounds like a lycanthropic Dick Dale savaging an unfortunate Palais Schaumburg, I suppose you'll have me at your mercy!